Message from Co Organizing Chairman – Dr. Homer Lim

Living to be a 100 yrs. old in the 21st century is now achievable not just an aspiration. Thanks to technological advances in medicine as well as the better standards of care, we will be able to extend our life expectancy even beyond 120 in the next decade.

Our Longevity conference is organized to address the gap in knowledge, practice and attitude of doctors in patients who are living beyond their predicted life spans.

In anti-aging and regenerative medicine, utilization of stem cells as well as stem cell factors is ever increasing. In addition certain environmental and nutritional interventions can boost life expectancy and regenerate our own Body’s stem cells.

We have invited the world renowned experts on longevity, including Dr Vatter Iongo, who was voted by Time Magazine as 2018’s 50 most influential people in Health care. Dr Yanagisawa, who is a Hall of Farner of Orthomolecular medicine, discusses nutritional issues that impact aging. Dr. Sanjay Kapur will expound on the toxic exposures and retention in the elderly population. Prof.Dr Fandrich will demonstrate how stem cells can help in extending longevity and combat chronic diseases.

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