Message from Longevity KL Organizing Chairman – Dr. Maziah Yaacob

Longevity conference will bring together the leading minds from local and world renowned international speakers, the private sector, and healthcare providers to discuss and sharing experience on how to enhance and achieve healthy aging for all.

LONGEVITY- Hope for Change!

It’s a great pleasure to welcome all delegates to spend three life-changing days listening to the cutting-edge health information, meeting exhibitors, trying out new technology.
Join us for this interactive discussion and learning session in the pre-conference workshop and enjoy the movements for longevity – Qigong & Senaman Melayu Tua, de stress and rejuvenate with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & Matrix re imprinting, and also to discover how the garden herbs help in longevity & the untold benefits of Hemp to mankind

Exploring what we know and what we still don’t know about the aging process.

• Understanding aging as a multi-mechanism process
• Addressing senescence as a driver of features of aging
• Understanding how mitochondrial dysfunction is complicit in multiple age-zelated diseases
• learn the potential to impact aging by improving mitochondrial function
• Analyzing how regenerative medicine and other new biomedical technologies will eventually be so comprehensive that people will stay truly youthful however long they live.
• The role of embryonic stem cell & immunotherapy in cancer management
• The importance of hormonal balance in longevity
• listen to the experience of cancer management using nontoxic integrative methods
• biological dentistry- the way forward!

We, once again invite you to join us at the longevity conference:

LONGEVITY- Hope for Change!

At Marriott Putrajaya Hotel and gather with the most phenomenal group of speakers and educators on the planet to inspire and motivate you in the fields of science, spirituality, movement, nutrition, and total body health to achieve – Healthy Aging and Longevity.

Age is the single greatest risk factor for most causes of death and disability. The odds of developing diabetes, heart disease, most cancers, kidney disease, dementia and many other conditions significantly increase in later life. The length of life spent free from severe age-related disease. This paradigm-shifting approach, to focus on slowing the aging process and extending health span, could immediately add another decade or two of healthy, productive life for most people.
We cannot control the number of age, but we can manage the aging process!

LONGEVITY- Hope for Change! – enhancing & achieving the healthy aging for all­.
See you soon!

Dr Maziah Yaacob
Organising Chairman

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